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I’m Jesus.

I started working independently and came to manage national and international brands. Now I run Talebrand, a Design & Communication studio, where we are passionate about art and curious about technology.

Talebrand demonstrates passion and art in each job, reducing costs and creating professional-level solutions, branding from a conceptual point of view and adding value to each of the ideas and then turning them into great brands.

We are

Crazy about design and technology

We like

Work only four days a week

We want

People with the same energy as us

We seek

The best projects to innovate

The Family

Jesus Tabaco

Managing Director

Manuel Valencia

Commercial Director

Mario Lozano

Project Manager

Francisco Machuca

Account Executive

Ariana Cortegana

Community Manager

Cynthia Guibovich

Chief of Design

Hans Vilchez


Hasmine Condori


Franco Alarcon

Freelance Designer

Yoel Rodriguez

Chief of Programming

Eddye Rios

Programador Backend

Luis Morales

Programador Frontend

Juriko Novoa


Jonathan Jauregui


Together with beautiful Brands